River Ridge Property Owners Association

Yellow Spring, West Virginia
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About Us

River Ridge is a private mountain community located in Yellow Spring, West Virginia.
There is a Property Owners Association of which all owners are members. Our Association is governed by a five member Board of Directors elected at an annual meeting. We are a non-profit organization operated by an all volunteer staff. The Board administers the By-laws and Covenants in the interest of creating an attractive, safe and harmonious environment for all property owners in the River Ridge community. Additionally, the Board oversees maintenance of the roadways in River Ridge. There are 119 lots in River Ridge, none smaller than 20 acres.

The community wide speed limit is 15 mph. All members and their guests are asked to obey the speed limit as it helps with road maintenance, safety, and, during dry conditions, it helps keep the dust to a minimum. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The section for Current Owners is password protected. To receive the password, Current Owners should send an email to a board member (links on the River Ridge Contact Info link above). Telephone numbers for the Board of Directors are available to current owners only through the "Current Owners" section.
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